03 July 2008

Daddy Said We Could Dig

"Mama, I'm going to meet Ryan on the far side of the shed, by Rachel's house. We're going to DIG!"

"Wait! You're going to what? Dig?"

"Daddy said we could dig a hole the size of a hockey net!"

"Do we have bodies to hide? I shouldn't think you'd want to bury the hockey net." I get only a puzzled look in response. I try again, "Why are you digging?"

"Because it's fun." Of course.

Later, I find Chris. "You told the kids they could dig a hole the size of a hockey net?"

"Oh, did they work on it today?" He looks pleased. I nod and wait. "We've been talking about a compost, right? And we'll need a hole to start it in?" Comprehension dawns and I marvel at my husband's brilliant plan.


crazymumma said...

Brilliant indeed. Kids love doing that kind of thing it seems. As long as you do not tell them it is a 'job'.

And your hair! Good for you! My eldest girl did that last year as well.

heh. But now she wishes she hadn't. Vanity you know...

SmockLady said...

Now that's priceless!

http://www.moospasture.com said...

Ah! New meaning in the phrase "There is method in my madness!" Just do a head count at the end of every day.


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