29 June 2008

Rafting with Rob

In summers before we had the kids, I went rafting in the Delaware Water Gap at least once each summer with friends and Chris has been going since he moved down here, too. After the kids came along, we stopped going. Rafting on the Delaware, at least the section we go on, is not exactly high-risk but it's also not something that would be fun to do with babies or toddlers so we skipped seven years, until Lars (our youngest) was five. Last year, we missed rafting due to my broken leg so it was with great anticipation that we got on the river yesterday to enjoy a perfect afternoon with Rob.

We spent six hours floating lazily down the Gap, leaping off to swim as desired, stopping to explore the shore now and then, paddling a few times when the upriver wind was stronger than the current (Chris wished for a sail). The kids are not ready to make the big jump off the cliff at the end of the trail but they love watching others make the leap. On the way home, we stopped for dinner and cones in a Dairy Queen, topping a great day with a once-per-year treat.

Everyone slept well last night!


Sister K said...

oh that sounds WONDERFUL!!!!! i just went swimming so i'm sitting here with a wet top imagining that i was rafting ended w/ dairy queen! what a fun summer tradition!

Anonymous said...

you know, it doesn't have to be only once per summer...


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