16 July 2006

Rafting with Rob

We spent a beautiful afternoon rafting on the Delaware with our friend Rob. We used to (read: before kids) go every year but have missed at least seven summers. This is the first year the kids are old enough to enjoy the trip and boy, did they! Rafting has plenty of adventure with mild rapids, rock climbing, and bus rides (to and from launch points) and just enough relaxation - floating in the river, lounging on a warm rock. Add a bit of food and a whole lot of sunscreen and you have a perfect day!

1 comment:

Epiphany Alone said...

Lauren says, "That looks SOOO cool."

She also decided today that you have a croque set and that Ross and Lars were going to teach her how to play...

Lindsay just wonders where her Auntie Karen has gotten off to.


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