19 July 2006

No change

I managed to give myself permanent blue hair highlights this week, using cyan ink from my printer (I was trying to fix the printer…it was hot, I was pushing hair off my face…didn’t realize I had ink all over my finger!). After several curious looks and guarded comments (as if they thought I maybe liked odd blue patches in my hair) during meetings yesterday, I resolved to try to fix my hair. So, this morning, I spent half an hour worrying my hair would fall out/turn pink/break into frizzy shards while I colored it, wondering if blue streaks would be better than a hot pink head for an important meeting tomorrow. In the end, it seems I picked a good shade to use – the blue streaks are no longer visible and my hair is exactly the same color as it usually is. Still...while this result is exactly what I wanted, it’s sort of disappointing to go through the whole coloring your hair dance for absolutely no change.


Epiphany Alone said...

Geez, what a hassle!

Having been a bottle blonde for some years now (thinking it might be close to half my life) I hate coloring before any event because the color always makes my scalp bright pink for at least the next day. I like that they've made haircolor smell more like shampoo though...used to be those first few days of not washing so the color wouldn't fade left a chemical odor.

karen said...

You know, I've heard about the not washing thing, but none of the instructions in the box I got say not to wash after. They're pretty direct about not washing for 24 hours BEFORE, but they are moot about after. Hmmm. Think the blue might sneak back out if I shampoo tomorrow morning?

Fraukow said...

Shampoo away! Having dyed my hair purple and then turned it black trying to fix it, you're hair can survive LOTS! and even hair stripping shampoo did very little to remove the fat Elvis hair color from my previously blond head.

Epiphany Alone said...

The blue won't reappear. The color fades less if you wait to shampoo.


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