10 July 2006

Self improvement

Since I took up playing ice hockey last year and found that I enjoy it, I've made a point of taking lessons and going to clinics in an attempt to improve my fledgling skating skills. In January, my rink started advertising a week-long power skating clinic for beginner to intermediate skaters. Chris encouraged me to sign up for it and, after consulting the calendar and my bank account, I did. Flash forward seven months to today, the first day of the clinic. It was not as painful as I've been fearing and I did not perish halfway through the first session...but I do have that, "Oh, I'm going to be sore in the morning," feeling. We'll see how I feel on Saturday when the whole thing is over. Is it sad that I'm glad there are a bunch of under 11's in the clinic so that there are at least a few people I can out-skate?

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