27 June 2008

When The Knobs Fall Off They Are Staying Off

5pm Friday finds us in the kitchen enjoying a champagne toast to the old kitchen, which will soon be a memory! Now that I can taste the new kitchen (mmm...bubbly!), I realize there are actually things I will miss about the disaster in which we currently house our food:

1. Ease of access. At least half the cupboard doors do not stay shut, so most of the time, you can just reach in and get what you need. Some of the cupboards that have working doors are missing side walls, so you can still just reach in and get what you need.

2. Ready Communication. Several gaps in the floor open to the basement, so I can speak in a normal voice and be heard by anyone down there. It's also very easy to check if the kids have left the lights on.

3. Flexibility. Since nothing in the kitchen is currently attached to anything else, I have ultimate flexibility to change the shape of the room at any time. Don't like the butcher block there? Trade it with the Formica piece over there! Sick of the corner cupboard (which is not in a corner) (and is an upper cabinet sitting on the floor) next to the refrigerator? Why not just move it over by the silverware drawer! really, the possible combinations are endless.

In spite of these, I am sure I will grow to love the new kitchen in time (approximately .3258µs) but I will forever treasure certain memories of the old.


Anonymous said...

two questions:

have you gotten the boys properly trained to NOT carve names in the new woodwork?

how long did it take you to find the funny u symbol for picosecond?

Sister K said...

oh i'm so excited for you....as long as you keep the floor!!!! sorry ol' kitchen....

karen said...

@rob - the woodwork is safe. You need fingers to hold a hockey stick.

ALT 0181 makes the µ. Use the keypad, numbers across the keyboard top don't usually work. Very handy for typing about risetimes.


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