05 June 2008

Pie From Awa's Rhubarb - Total Yum

This picture also posted at Worst.Mama.Ever, along with the tale of the boys not having any today. If Grandmoo shows up soon enough, there might still be some left. I say 'might' because it's so good I had two pieces tonight and there's breakfast to deal with in the morning. Yes, I am the sort of person who would eat pie for breakfast. No, I won't feel any guilt about it because rhubarb is healthy! A vegetable! Vitamin C! Calcium! Dietary fiber! Oh, leave me alone. You can come back and be snarky when I have popsicles for breakfast.


Grandmoo said...

I'm ON MY WAY! SAve a nibble! ONE NIBBLE!?

Chaotic Joy said...

That's one pretty pie. People in the south have no idea what Rhubarb is.

Anonymous said...

That is one awesome looking pie!

Tante Heidi

bethany actually said...

Pie is a TOTALLY legitimate breakfast, especially fruit pie. Also, your lattice top is gorgeous!

Epiphany Alone said...

I have pie for breakfast. The one at my house is rhubarb custard.

Spice Girl said...

We rationalized cheesecake for breakfast when I was growing up (dairy?), so I can't fault you for pie. *grin*

Besides, it really is a beautiful pie. I'd be tempted myself.


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