07 June 2008

Some Days Are Waaaaaay Better Than Others

Today, Grandmoo, Sister K and I:

1. Saw Jersey Boys matinée - great!

2. Had burgers with a friend of mine in Galaxy

3. Tourist shopped.

4. Witnessed a fine example of Jersey Driving. Just how special do you need to be to plow your nice car through a wall of traffic cones into a huge hole full of wet concrete?

5. Ran into an old friend of mine on 9th Avenue.

4. Got walk up seats in center orchestra for the evening performance of A Chorus Line - fun!

Tomorrow will find us cheering for the boys at hockey and then in the City again for the Ordination of one of my childhood friends. Life could be worse.


Grandmoo said...

I confess: I AM an addictive personality. If I must die overdosing, OD on Broadway couldn't be a better way to go! So very glad you and Kat could join me. Isn't being decadent fun?

Sister K said...

see? if i won lotto, i wouldn't need to trade up houses, i'd just do trips like this more often!!! thank you!!!


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