01 March 2008

Wifer's Delight

Casual dinner! Leftovers of your choice, eaten when you like, probably while reading a magazine. Lars is very fond of showing me ads from New Jersey Magazine for upscale appliances, Vanna White style. Ross usually peruses National Geographic KIDS or Lego Magazine. I have trade publications, Antiques,Scientific American and Traditional Home to choose from. Tonight, I'd gathered the trade publications, figuring I'd whip through them and save the leisure rags for the weekend.

Ross ate while I was warming up my own selections but he hung around the table while I ate, chatting. When I returned to the table after clearing my place, I found Ross deeply absorbed in an article. Closer inspection revealed he was reading the National Fire Protection Association Journal. The cover picture of a burned airplane caught his attention and he'd leafed through the journal until he found the article. When I asked what he was reading about, he told me it was the story of an airplane in trouble - how it was going too fast when it landed and had to take off again, but it didn't get high enough so it crashed into a building and lots of people were killed - more people than in any other crash in Brazil. He needed help with 'tarmac' and 'collision' and referred to Porto Alegre as 'Port Algae'. Not too bad, for just-turned-nine! When he got into the nitty-gritty discovery portion of the research article, he asked me to read it to him and we finished about half before bedtime. We'll pick up again tomorrow - do you suppose the NFPA would object to a Webkinz Goober's Lab bookmark being used in their publication?


Grandmoo said...

How dare the schools of today try to teach children in a vacuum, with materials having no relevance to their interests or today's issues? The way to teach Ross is to get out of his way! How I'd love to homeschool him for awhile!

Sister K said...

maybe i should get him a time subscription! :)


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