31 March 2008

Rochester Rumble

For those interested, I've posted pictures of the kids playing in the Rochester Rumble hockey tournament at Flickr. It was their first travel tournament and we all had a lot of fun. The Bears Club brought seven teams to the contest. Everyone stayed in the same hotel (the one with a pool AND a bar) and there were SO many of us that it gave the impression of living in a small town. You couldn't step into a hallway without running into a Bear or some blue & white hockey gear!

A few poor souls who were not with the Bears were also staying in the hotel. I was waiting for an elevator with a knot of them when, in keeping with my family tradition of running into people in the strangest of places, one of them called my name. I turned and found myself standing with my hairdresser's sister and her son, who were there competing with a team from Buffalo!
Small world...

Rochester is about an hour from Buffalo but a great many people made the trek to see the boys play! It was a lot of fun cheering with aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. Another family tradition? Cheering signs. Everyone pictured here is from our clan:

Our family made a great addition to the Bears' usually loud cheering section - they fit right in!


Anonymous said...

Did you really get a Canon 40D like the pictures say?

I'm jealous.

Nice pix

karen said...

No - the Flickr pics were done by a professional at the games. Our team bought the game sets. If you look closely in some of the Ross shots, you can see me standing behind him so I'm obviously not taking the pictures.

Grandmoo said...

Do the boys' numbers change? I thought Lars wore 65? Was he wearing 50? They're great shots!

karen said...

Lars wears #50 for the Bears. Ross wears #35. Everyone was happy with the photos - the company that comes in to do the tournaments does a great job. They're the same folks who shot my Lake Placid tournament last year.


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