04 March 2008

Some Days Deserve A 5-Minute Ovation

  • Start before rooster crows; shower.
  • Offer thanks and praise for 6am opening of local Sbux.
  • Remind self that early train = great parking spot.
  • Laudable Barista gave me an extra Mango-Pineapple Empanada!
  • Remind self that great parking spot is worthless if you are snoozing in the car when the train arrives.
  • Sprint to Eastbound track; board train.
  • Drink about half of latte; watch sunrise.
  • Doze while watching sunrise, spill coffee.
  • Clean up; congratulate self on selection of latte-colored pants.
  • Manage to be late for only one appointment, the one held in my own office, while I was actually there. Figure that one out.
  • Review, discuss, present, review, present, review.
  • Raining! Sprint for train headed west.
  • Head to Kinkos to pick up large prints order and make even larger copies. Kinkos is out of toner. Out of toner?!?
  • Head to Alphagraphics to make really large copies. Alphagraphics' parking lot is flooded and I'm caught out without my hipwaders.
  • Head to Staples to make ridiculously large copies. Wonder if I can expense drive-thru as well as the cost of the prints since this is taking much, much, much too much effort and time and those empanadas were a really long time ago. Decide against an extra trip around the traffic circle in my hunger delirium.
  • Arrive home, boys at hockey. Scarf half a can of peaches with cottage cheese.
  • Take off coat, answer phone, arrange yummy leftover baked chicken & asparagus in toaster oven, set timer, check e-mail.
  • Ding! Turn chicken, which is all gross looking and still cold?
  • Turn on toaster oven, reset timer.
  • Ding! Turn chicken, decide it's warm enough, eat.
  • Boys get home - hang hockey stuff, finish homework, snack, showers, bed.


Missy said...

I know some thought your previous list was a stresser, but this one wore me out just reading. PHew! glad I don't have those commutes and days anymore!!

Grandmoo said...

What is an Empanada? Tomorrow's list: 1. As long as you'll be late anyway, sleep until sunrise; 2. go naked so getting wet won't hurt anything; 3. go paperless; tell them about it; 4. drink beer first so all the other things won't bother you as much;

karen said...

An Empanada, as rendered by Sbux, is a circle of pie dough folded in half and crimped around a mango & pineapple filling (tangy; not too sweet). Chunky sugar is sprinkled on top and the thing is baked until golden. Sugar on the crimped edges gets a little carmelized. Heaven! They are not a year-round offering, so I try to make the most of them while they're around. I think Faith has figured out I like them a lot!

Sister K said...

mmm...your day makes me lazy and exhausted just reading about it! (oh, that might've been my day too) lol..

Spice Girl said...

I agree with your mom. Go naked and paperless. It's more environmental. Tee hee.

Grandmoo said...

Spice Girl is, as she has been since her blessed birth, as brilliant as she is beautiful. I happen to be editing a book right now, which holds that striving toward sustainability of the environment contributes to global security in a crucial way. Thus, going naked and paperless is also good for Global Security (it would balance your Starbucks' disposable cups and napkins footprint).

The Plaid Sheep said...

Impressive, most impressive. Makes me feel positively sedentary. (Not that that's hard...)


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