03 March 2008

Rockin' (or not) my TTDs

Checked off my TTD list:
  • Contact LLBean's about having rolling suitcase handle repaired. They're just going to replace it - great news! Also order matching large-size suitcase since they are discontinuing the style and price is therefore darned cheap. Refrain from adding cute overnighter and wrinkle free blouses.
  • Complete filing for sport insurance related to broken leg incident last summer.
  • Fill out the school Math Survey (Ross)
  • Fill out the school Math Survey (Lars)
  • Create Quizlet Multiplication and Addition fact sets
  • Package the Box-Tops-For-Education and send in
  • Google Map all the places I'm supposed to be this week for work; get depressed by the extreme unlikelihood that I will get anywhere on time.
  • Google Map the appointment that wants to be squeezed in. Laugh out loud when total one-way travel time exceeds 2 hours. Make a note to call and revise the idea of being "squeezed" in.

Still on my TTD list:
  • Find out if my team is doing the tournament in Warminster
  • Get July town day-camp forms (not on website yet)
  • Add 08-09 school calendar to Google calendar
  • Revise taxes since bloody real-estate fund didn't report until the end of FEBRUARY (ugh)
  • Get bloodwork done (becoming critical; appointment to review results is on Monday)
  • Write to Carol (waiting for 3-on-3 game schedule)
  • Get March book group selection & read it. (I'm such a bum)


Grandmoo said...

What pray tell is a math survey? Does the school want to know if you can do math? Do they want you to tell them if the boys can do math? They don't know? They want to know if you want the boys to do math? I'm baffled.

karen said...

The schools are running a survey to see if the parents know the name of the math program used in our schools, and get a read on how we feel it's working for our child(ren). As with all things bureaucratic, the questions were bland enough to be ambiguous and the multiple choice answers did not offer the response I hoped to give. So, it was a frustrating fill-out, twice.

Sister K said...

i vote for you to get blood work done before adding 08-09 to your outlook cal!! as for the math survey? i'd just write in my own answers! :)

Chaotic Joy said...

Your list is stressing me out.


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