21 March 2008

Good Thing He Has Long Arms

Chris' parents gave Ross a digital camera for his 9th birthday. Actually, they sent money so that Ross could go and choose the actual camera himself, a system that Ross was especially fond of. We took him to a store that has a pretty wide range of active demo models and, with a little guidance, Ross decided on an Olympus FE-280. The FE-280 is only slightly bigger than the palm of my hand, so Ross can reach all the buttons with ease and the control interface is simple to understand and navigate. The backside of the camera is almost entirely LCD screen, so images can be enjoyed right away (a HUGE win for the kids, who are usually clamoring to see their picture before you've even snapped it).

Ross stared at the charger for the entire initial charge, dashing to the bathroom only in times of extreme need and always with the near-panicked rush of someone who fears losing his place in a crowded line. As soon as the battery light switched to green, Ross whipped the battery out and began taking pictures. He is very fond of (and already quite good at) arms-length self portraits. I think it helps that he is inheriting his father's freakishly long arms:

Ross also got a great sunset shot in our yard:


Sister K said...

HE'S A NATURAL!!!! he could sell the sunset pic..that'd look great at my house! :)

Sister K said...

kllllllllllllll (zoe wrote this...i think she meant killer pics cousin ross!)

Grandmoo said...

These are amazingly good. Budding photographer. The only scary part is realizing that my grandsons are technologically more sophisticated that I am already! Ross: The sunset is a prize-winner!Can you please try to catch a shot of the Easter Bunny for me? Have a wonderful time on your Easter trip. I love you and Lars very much!

moonmamma said...

you have a very clever and gifted child there!

slouching mom said...

WOW. Those are both awesome shots. Way to go, Ross!

*pab said...

your boys are both so dadgum cute...i want to just pinch their sweet cheeks!


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