21 February 2006

What will you look like in 100 years?

The elementary school celebrated the 100th day of school today with all sorts of activities and games centering around the number 100. First graders made macaroni projects depicting 100 in groups of 10, 5 and 1. They had contests to see how many numbers they could write in 100 seconds. There were also essay questions like what would you do if you had $100? And, my favorite:


Rob said...

Well, he did the assignment.

And what idiot teacher actually gave THAT as an assignment?

Fraukow said...

they do the same at our boys school. Lucas had to put 100 things in a plastic jar. Andrew played lots of games. any little thing to make the day different. But i think ross has it right. it's sure the truth!

Fraukow said...

we now have proof that ross and andrew are relatives. andrew apparently had the same essay and had the same answer. a headstone with his name on it. great minds think alike!

bibliofilly said...

I suppose if he was an aspiring forensic pathologist he could make you a mock autopsy.

I am curious to know what the teacher thinks she is going to achieve by asking this question. Aside from inspiring early-onset existential angst.

karen said...

The teacher's response was a jovial, "I hope not!!" Who is she kidding? Not that I don't want my kid to live a long life that's full and rich...but isn't 107 a little much? Ross is quite certain he won't last that long but it occurred to me today to wonder how old he thinks you are when you die. So far, his only personal experience with death has been our cat, who passed away last summer at 18. Clearly, Ross knows people live longer than that but I'm curious to hear how old he thinks he might get. I'll keep you posted!

bethie said...

What does it mean that I FEEL 100 yrs old? We had the same thing for the K kids(aparently 3 &5th grade are way too cool for this, BTW 5th grade IS way too old for Valentines and so Jamie's class did not have a party or pass them out. SNF, I see this as a sad wave of things passing faster and faster.) and we were assigned to send in 100 things, I got pretzel chunks. Could not find pretzel chunks. Had to send in pretzel tic tack toe's. Good grief.


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