10 February 2006

The real reason...

A few months ago, I discovered the intriguing world of blogs. After some searching, I've found a few authors that hold my interest time and again and I've found that I actually look forward to their new posts in the way I imagine people a century ago looked forward to new installments of stories in literary magazines.

I've thought, on occasion, that perhaps I should start my own blog but haven't. My best friend started one and it's tons of fun - the comments bring as many giggles and tugs at my heart as her own posts. Recently I offered a comment in one of my favorite blogs to lurk around and actually got a mention on the main page, which was a surprising thrill!
Then, today, the following phrase came through in a professional e-mail communication:

"You betchya bippie I am!!!"

...and my very first thought was, "Oh, I have to put THAT in my blog!" Together, the force of my thought and the encouragement of friends seem like reason enough, so, here I am. Wish me luck!


Spice Girl said...

So what exactly is a "bippie?"

Seems like a a contest is in order to uncover the best meaning of "bippie."

Julie Berry said...

Go blogger girl, go! :)


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