13 February 2006

Plow dreams

Despite the fact that our roads are now quite clear and it's a gorgeous sunny day, schools here are closed. Western New York ex-pats are confused by this until they realize that Buffalo alone has more plows than this entire state. Also, for a good giggle, a large number of the "plows" here are garbage trucks, fitted out with cute little plow blades. When it snows, I dream of plow teams clearing the roads, wing-on-wing, with salt flying.

1 comment:

bethie said...

I feel decidedly left out of the whole snow thing. The ONE snow day we had was very localized (i.e., it was not where I had to be, so I had to GO, when I should have been home w/ the cocoa)I miss the huge snow days, when I could drop everything and enjoy it. Sigh.


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