13 February 2006

Toys and boys that read

New technology arrived today! Amazing that 2GB of information fits on a device the size of a quarter. Lars wanted this post in "blood red" because he likes RED. He's reading this post now - it delights him when I type his name and other words he knows. Ross is whispering all the words as I type...nothing gets by him anymore!


bethie said...

i think that today, being v-day, i will listen to everyone in red. picture me in classes w/ professors lectures entering my head in red b/c of your efforts!

Fraukow said...

it happens all too soon. they should really be required to be 45 when you can no longer get things past them. i am currently stuck at home waiting for them to deliver my new shower. as glad as i am that it is arriving and will be installed very soon, i have things i need to be doing elsewhere! URGH! i think i'll go clean out a clost, the goodwill is in need of donations(according to the pennysaver) and i have stuff i need to get rid of!


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