26 February 2006

Five Random Things (a meme)

I've been meme-tagged by Colleen! Here are five random things about me:

1. My husband urged me to start ice-skating lessons last year when there wasn't any NHL to watch and now I play left wing for the Bridgewater Wings C team.

2. In 44 days, we are taking the kids on a surprise trip to Disney World!

3. After years of trying to gain weight, I've finally figured out the secret: exercise. All those years I was a lump I couldn't keep a pound on...but I've gained at least 10 pounds since I started playing hockey in September.

4. I am jealous of my husband because he drives a Zamboni.

5. Chris and I sometimes put the kids to bed early so we can play networked computer games together.

I'll tag Spice Girl and bibliofilly...


Rob said...

so I guess you don't think the kids read your blog?

bibliofilly said...

whoa! I feel so guilty...I didn't see this before!

Just one question...what's a meme tag???

Just in case, I will go name 5 random things in my own space.


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