13 February 2006

Things to do on a snow day

A short list of things to do on a snowday:

1. Do a smug little happy dance that your local library has a digital check-out system that allows each patron to take up to 99 books out at once. 99 books!! All those books!! Wonderful books! When you're all happy-danced out, print a list of the 38 books your husband somehow carted home last time he took the kids to the library and then send everyone on a scavenger hunt. Hand out prizes for first book found and most books found in total. Reserve a special award for any child who spontaneously decides to read a book. Double Grand Prize goes to you, in the end, when they all head out to return the books. First, they're out of the house and second, you won't owe $9.50 per day when they all become overdue at once.

2. Attempt to keep your appointment at the orthodontist. Spend about an hour trying to drive ten miles, seven of which are on a highway that is fully plowed and dry. Have the office call you when you're about six blocks away (but still wedged in non-moving traffic) to say they're closing early and want to reschedule you. Try to keep the "if you turn me around now I will be the one rearranging teeth next time I see you" edge out of your voice while you ask if they'll see you before they leave today.

3. Kiss three boo-boos on assorted parts of your five-year-old, the most recent of which was obtained sometime last week, that are being brought to your attention in the hope that you will forget you've just asked him to go find and put on his slippers. Be impressed that he planned ahead and thought to save the little scrapes up for future use as distraction.

Anyone got any other ideas? I'm running out and it's not even noon...


Fraukow said...

This is the prefect time to become CRAFTY MOM!! I find on days we are cooped up, the boys decide to make the Effiel Tower out of toothpicks!
We scronge around looking for things that might be interesting to paint, decorate, staple, cut or glue. The box of scrap wood in the basement is a tresure trove. Pieces of cardboard, empty cereal, candle, toothpaste boxes become cars for stuffed animal or rockets. It is amazing the amount of time this can comsume, usually spent with happy indoor voices and several glue sticks! And just when the fun starts to wear off - it's back outdoors for snowmen and forts!
Happy Snow day!

Spice Girl said...

Man, Frauke, you are good! There's a place here called The Creation Station, that is essentially a junk shop of recyclables that you can get for CHEAP! I've picked up a couple of bags of stuff like that to do crafty things with Samuel, but there it sits in my basement. Rug squares, wine corks, AOL tins, popsicle sticks...

karen said...

I have all that stuff! Some of it is even in a large plastic bin labeled "art stuff"! Tonight, at 7:20pm, Ross casually offered that his teacher said he could distribute valentines for his class tomorrow, since he didn't bring any in today. He didn't think to bring this up when he got home from school, of course. Good thing I'm secretly crafty and good thing he sprung it on me as I was walking through the door from a loooong day in town. If I'd had time to eat, I might have had energy to refuse to help him whip up 23 valentines that he'd forgotten about until bedtime. Another good point for me...if I keep this up, I'll ruin my chances at winning Worst Mother of 2006.


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