03 November 2007

Water Protection Improvements, cont.

First, there was the Dry Basement Dance....

As fall first tried to approach this year, Chris and I discussed shelling out the bucks to have our fireplace fixed so we could use it. "Working Fireplace" was one of the reasons we chose this house but, as with many other parts of our house, the fireplace endured an upgrade by the Drunk Uncle and is currently too shallow to use. I fear that human bones will be found behind the false rear wall but our chimney sweep has said he's willing to take that risk - he's brave like that.

Then, fall stalled. Absurdly warm weather returned and we got some torrential rains, which reminded us that our extension ladder is just short of useful for cleaning out the gutters along our top roof. With water pouring out over the edges of our clogged gutters, Chris arranged a visit from one of those maintenance-free gutter companies. I briefly mourned the postponement of the fireplace repair but it poured again that very night and I forgot to be sad. There's always next year, right?

Now, they're threatening us with rain from Hurricane Noel. We're eager to see how our new gutters will perform. Anxious for the leaves to fall and for the gutters to still drain the rain down the appointed spouts rather than spilling over like a waterfall outside my den window and the front door.
It was supposed to start raining today but instead we had one of those gorgeous autumn days they always show in movies. Considering how much we just spent on gutters, Murphy's Law will probably kick into action and save our entire neighborhood from rain for the next six weeks. When it does rain - and you know it will - we'll be ready, complete with several interpretive dances to honor our impressive water management systems and a really, really, awful kitchen.


Epiphany Alone said...

I hate gutters. I apparently have miles of gutter which prompts everyone to triple the price of a cleaning as soon as they get up onto my roof.

Maybe they could point your gutters into your kitchen? Oh my! A kitchen flood. Laws!

Grandmoo said...

Aren't those the gutters that they install a screen over? We tried that in Amherst. The leaves clogged the screen eventually. Good luck!

karen said...

I remember the screen thing didn't work! We figured we'd skip the years of trying quick fixes and just picked a factory-installed system with a lifetime warranty. It looks really nice installed...if it would rain, I could let you know how it working out.

Chaotic Joy said...

Ya know, is it too much to ask for a bit of hurricane rain in these parts? I hope your gutters work out wonderfully. We have a working fireplace. In Atlanta. We use it about 3 times a year.

sister k said...

u could always do the rain dance :)


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