29 November 2007

Blackman Has The Puck!

I skated team practice tonight! I almost made it the entire hour and a half but decided to err on the side of caution and sat out the last ten minutes or so when I got to the far side of discomfort. An hour later, there isn't much swelling and I'm medicating with a beer so I think I've got some hockey feet again!

Question: The spider web I've just noticed in the top corner of my den window has an impressive collection of little gnats trapped in it. Should I let the spider stay? She hasn't been there very long - I actually vacuumed in here (I hope you were sitting down, Mom...) last weekend.


Missy said...

Let her stay...she's helping wiht the gnats, right? I talkto the critters in my home when they appear. Just let her know what is and is not acceptable in the house. She'll decide if she wants to stay. If you do want her to go....ask her nicely to leave first and then give it a few days, they often go on their own....okay now I am revealing my crazy nature *grin*

Grandmoo said...

SO glad to hear you're skating!!! Congrats!

Epiphany Alone said...

Yay! Skating and beer :)

Sister K said...

congrats...she scooooooooooores!


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