02 December 2007

First NHL Bruise

The kids got to watch the NHL players skate warm-up before the game Friday night. Lars, enthralled, had his forehead pressed against the glass. During the butterfly drill, one of the players winged a one-timer from the point that hit the glass where Lars had his head and gave Lars his very first NHL bruise! See that purple lump with the red middle, just above his radiator scar? That's from getting hit by an NHL puck! As Lars said, hopefully it will be the first of many - he couldn't be more proud.

The Bears skated well as the Mites-on-Ice that night. You can see the video here, if you'd like. After they skated, they got chocolate ice cream (see Lars' chin...) and cotton candy which probably isn't good for my reputation.


Chaotic Joy said...

Well my goodness, the boy certainly looks like a hockey player these days. Just needs to loose a couple teeth.

Spice Girl said...

And yes, you should worry about your reputation (re: chocolate ice cream and cotton candy) because it wasn't Zero-Nutrition Thursday. You'd have been safe if it had been.

Sister K said...

he needs to wear a helmet in the stands!!!! (please, please, please don't let him glorify head injuries too much! ;)

i was wondering what you guys did to celebrate after! MMMMM.....(where'd you find cotton candy in new jersey at this time of year? lol)

karen said...

Since he wears a helmet while on the ice, it's probable that his future NHL bruises would be on other body parts!

Every good hockey game has cotton candy these days. Sometimes, you even get an enormous (think child-height) bag, topped with a souvenir hat. I guess they have to have something for those too young to have beer with their hotdogs?

Grandmoo said...

Lars's score card for facial injuries is way too high. Perhaps he could borrow Ross's face mask for daily living? The cotton candy looks like it was the best hit of the night! (You must earn points for that rot-gut going over permanent teeth!)


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