20 December 2007

Tooth #7

9:09pm, feet on the stairs. A serious voice, "Mama, I need to tell you something."

"Ok," I call and with my verbal permission, Ross appears fully downstairs.

"I was in my bed and I heard something 'pop'. I went to the bathroom and, apparently, my tooth came out." He extends a palm showing the apparent tooth and gives a not-so-toothy grin. This is the fourth tooth he's yanked out in the hour or two after bedtime.

"What made it apparent that your tooth came out?"

"Mama," he giggles, "It's here in my hand!"
How will he stave off bedtime when he runs out of baby teeth?


Grandmoo said...

Yeah Ross! After you run out of baby teeth, you can always offer to clean up the kitchen!

Missy said...

oo, took a couple of read-thrus for me to realize you didn't mean that he pulled 4 teeth all in tonight's pre-bedtime time, but that its the fourth time he has chosen that time of day to yank one! LOL, i was thinking, boy, that's alot of teeth for one night!

Anonymous said...

Didn't he 'just' lose one the other day? Becareful, we don't want him toothless ;)

Sister K said...

all i want for christmas is my two front teeth...


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