12 November 2007

Your Cadaver, Sir

Driving to an away game, Chris and I were discussing whether organ doners can become research cadavers. Attempting to argue for the contrary, I proposed the scavenged bodies could be handed to prospective dissectors with an immediate pop quiz, "Here's your cadaver, what's missing?"

Over Chris' derisive snort, Lars called from the back, "Abra!"


Anonymous said...

I'm stumped. What is "Abra"? By the way, if your organ donation instructions so indicate, of course your donated organs can be used for research! Yup... it's quite possible that when Ross attends medical school to become his "famous scientist," he might just get to cut me up! (I'll be sure to wear clean underwear.)

karen said...

We were talking about whether a partial corpse could become an anatomy lesson. You know, if parts of the donor go to living people as transplants, would the remainder go to a med school? Is it possible someone is in gross anatomy dissecting a body without a heart?

Lars, unfamiliar with the term "cadaver," must have rectified it to "cadabra" in his head. Abra-cadabra?

Grandmoo said...

Ah, I may be slow, but believe it or not, after waking up at the unGodly hour of 5:25 a.m. for no necessary reason at all, that finally dawned on my at 6:13 a.m. NOW I can rest in peace! (Surely a bad omen when my 6-year-old grandson is swifter than I am.)

Kim Mac said...

Very, very cute! It reminds me of a cute little thing one of my students said once. I teach the non-English-speaking kiddos, you know, and one day Maisa'a came in so fantastically excited because her cat had just "laid kittens!" :) ha!


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