03 March 2007

Sunny Saturday

Ross, on the phone with a friend who lives on our road: "Yeah, I can play until four. I'll meet you halfway in the woods with all of my sticks that we'll need." Hanging up, he put on a hat, carefully selected sticks from a pile he had stashed on the porch, and took off for the creek to do whatever it is that eight-year-old boys do in the woods with imported sticks.


Grandmoo said...

Dear Lord I hope he hasn't learned to rub them together to make fire!

Navilyn said...

Has he seen 'Castaway'? LOL

Grandmoo said...

Here is what he COULD be doing,

memory sticks
cocktail sticks
popsicle sticks
drum sticks
Kali (rattan) sticks
glue sticks
hexagonal or rhombic sticks
Egyptian stick fencing
Lee Teng-hui Uses 'Big Sticks' to Continue Upsetting Political Situation (8/23/2001)

BUT !!!!!!
Here is what I THINK they're doing!!!!!


Colleen said...

Ah, boys. I wouldn't know what do to do if I had one but I'd sure love to find out!

OMSH said...

Man, that brings back so many childhood memories. We used to gather sticks and hay bail twine and build the most elaborate forts ... with shutters and doors and even chairs (for our dolls).

We were pioneers, afraid of unfriendly Indians and bears.

Delphi said...

Intriguing. It sounds like the beginning of a short story.


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