06 March 2007

Early Evening

Six-thirty finds Ross and I cuddled on the couch, in pajamas already. After school and homework, he took a nap before dinner...a sure sign of not feeling well. He did manage to wake for dinner, his request for this week, corned beef and cabbage with soda bread (no groans, Grandmoo...*we* like it!). Right after, though, he crawled into my lap and voiced no complaint when I suggested he get into pjs. So, here we are. We just read Haiku! Gesundheit, wrote a new post and commented on some others. I'm behind in blogging - the last few weeks have been brutal on the work side and I've chosen to use my precious free time playing hockey. My season is about to end, so I won't have the option to play as often again until September. I'm sad to have it end but part of me will like the few extra hours each week. Also, my games won't conflict with the kids' games anymore, so I'll get to see them play.

Ross is sitting here reading (and editing) as I type. If I pause to think about wording, he offers help - so some of these words I'm typing are his. It's the first time I've had help writing a blog post and it's odd...but I like it a lot. Maybe sometime soon, Ross will have a blog of his own? Time will tell, I suppose.

Chris and Lars are just done with their Very Hot Bath, an attempt to combat the vicious phlegm threatening to overtake them. Individually, we've got a few minor complaints but taken as a whole, we're a wreck! Hopefully, we'll get through this without all the symptoms piling up on one person at once.

That's about it for now. I will work on posting more often again, although probably not until the weekend. I've got plans to check out the city in -12 for the rest of this week...big, mainly unbloggable, fun. Maybe I'll get lucky and sit near someone worth writing about on the train? Here's hoping whoever it is is not notable for their smell.


Grandmoo said...

Since Sister K is studying gunk in the chest, the boys' illness is timely but a rotten way to welcome Spring. I hope they both feel better soon! Get chicken soup and give hugs with love!

Navilyn said...

Sounds like it was a nice cozy evening! I need some of those, especially after the week I've had, and it's only Wednesday...

Colleen said...

I hope you're all on the mend soon. This is a tough time of year. As soon as we get over one illness here it seems that the next one in line steps up and we start all over again. It's warm and spring-like here but the illnesses are sticking around. I'm ready for healthy, sunny days ahead.

OMSH said...

Good luck getting your guy to blog. I've been trying to get MR. OMSH to blog and he's soooo not interested.

His words,
"I would rather use the computer than have it use me."

Um ... wow ... I feel so - I don't know ... used.


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