07 March 2007

Baby Blacks?

2007 is the Year of the Black Eye for Lars. He's balanced the slight discoloration and lump leftover from his gym class collision in January with a few scrapes and some fresh color on the other side of his face, trophies from a tangle with a sidewalk up at the school. We are getting used to this school notice (and Lars likes wearing the sticker):

Lars thinks MoMo and Opa are better than the tooth fairy - he gets $5 for each black eye. The first one was folded around a picture of Tante Fraukow, sporting her own doozy. This most recent one came with a note to please stop getting black eyes, as MoPa are running out of $5 bills!


Fraukow said...

I believe that back eye was loving bestowed by my brother and I never got $5 for it!

Grandmoo said...

I'm not sure rewarding black eyes with money is a great way to reinforce safety or carefulness, but that picture is classic!

sister k said...

body symmetry is only desired for positive things like lung sounds & pulses!!! :)


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