09 March 2007


The tail end of rush hour found me fighting my way on foot down Eighth Avenue, headed for Penn Station and trains west. As I crossed the last street, I noticed a truck driver having a shout-fest with a pedestrian who'd crossed in front of the truck, against the light. The pedestrian shouted back, which ired the driver enough that he leaped out of the truck and went after the pedestrian. The driver got maybe fifteen feet from the truck before the guy who begs at that corner got into the truck. I stuck around only long enough to get a look at the driver's reaction as he realized what was happening - classic! I like happy endings, so I'm choosing to believe the corner guy would've just pulled the truck around the corner as a service to the lunatic driver who had abandoned his vehicle mid-intersection (I don't know if he ever moved the truck at all - he hadn't by the time I went into the station). If nothing else, I hope the corner guy gets a warm place to sleep and a good meal tonight. Might have been all he was after - if street life provides enough to afford truck parking in Manhattan, I need to consider a career change!


OMSH said...

You know, you just never see anything like that around these here parts. Too funny.

Grandmoo said...

You don't see it here in AZ, either. Here they'd all have shot each other and you in the cross-fire!

bibliofilly said...

that is *classic* new york...have you thought about sending it in to the Metropolitan Diary section?


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