23 February 2007

Tooth Fairy Q&A

Q. If your tooth comes out while you're having snack at school but you don't realize it until you're done with your cookie and you can't find the tooth (but the school nurse still gives you a little plastic tooth-chest), will the Tooth Fairy still show up? A. Yes. She still even leaves you money!

A2. She also visits your friend's house, even though he lost (and I do mean lost) his tooth in the hallway* and not during snack.

* Job I never really thought about as gruesome but now realize that it involves finding assorted lost teeth: School Custodian.
Q. What do you do when you're jealous of your brother getting money from the Tooth Fairy?

A. Yank out a tooth of your own*. For extra credit, select a tooth that does not have a replacement fully grown in behind it so that your loss will represent the first actual tooth gap in recent family history.

* It's a good thing he had a loose one started...he knows where we keep the pliers!


Fraukow said...

Lucas just yanked out his own not-so-very-loose tooth too. He wrote a letter asking the Tooth Fairy what her first name is; It's Margarent, but her friends call her Maggie.

karen said...

Good to know about Maggie! That seems the sort of thing about which we should be at least marginally coordinated... :)

Grandmoo said...

I vote that the boys need a new barber: time to put Buster Brown to rest.

slouching mom said...

Oh my goodness, is your younger son brave! My children would no more attempt to pull out teeth than they would pick up clothes off of their bedroom floors.

Oh, and grandmoo may disapprove of their haircuts, but they're still cute!

Delphi said...

That Tooth Fairy's a stand up chick. If I'd known I wouldn't have worked so hard to catch every tooth.


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