02 February 2007

Happy Birthday Bug!

Eight years ago:

Seven years ago:

Six years ago:

Yes...they are watching the Sabres score!

Five years ago:

Four years ago:

Three years ago:

Two years ago:

One year ago:



rob said...

Happy Ross Day!

OMSH said...

I love the shot in boots - but most especially the two looking down the bowling lane at the pins. Can you hear the conversation?

"That's a long way."
"Yea, but I can do it, can you?"
"I'm not sure - maybe with a granny roll?"
"Well, hmmm ... wanna try it?"

heh heh

sister k said...

I can still hear the phone ringing at 3am cali time....where did the time go?! Happy birthday Ross!!! :) Love, Aunt Kat

Epiphany Alone said...

Happy 8th birthday to Ross!

Grandmoo said...

Ross! Where was all that SNOW! I thought of you all day, Buddy! Love you! Can't wait to see you and Lars in May!

Fraukow said...

etHope you had a great day!


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