09 February 2007

School Birthday Haiku

three kids in class with
birthdays in February
one celebration

cupcakes, grapes, brownies
Jell-o jigglers, juice boxes
goody bags and games

half-hour frenzy
oh sugar, sugar, sugar!
all the children sing

home again, a call:
how could you bring EGGS to school?!?
without telling me!?!

no eggs in Jell-o
hypo-allergenic snack
and no eggs in juice

ms. egg allergy
we never found out her name
who the heck are you?

some other mother
(how could she!) baked cupcakes with
EGGS (gasp); so sorry

your kid, who's eight now?
knows she can't eat eggs and so...
she ate the Jell-o


Delphi said...

I can see it now, instead of the metal detectors inner city schools have the burbs will have egg, wheat, lactose, and peanut detectors. And it will be like the gold egg weigher in Charlie's Chocolate Factory.

karen said...

That other mother is SO down the chute!

sister k said...

DUH...the kid should've had the grapes! are you serious she actually called you??? next time educate her about epi-pens ;)

OMSH said...

first - freaky parent
second - freakier parent
third - poor kid

rob said...

Eggs - how horrible
think of the children
peanuts, at least, not present?

sister k said...

what rule will be next?
no birthdays for the children?
how stupid is that.

Epiphany Alone said...

We must start a Prozac for Parents fund.

Spice Girl said...

My son, allergic:
wheat, dairy, eggs, AND apple birthdays really suck.

Grandmoo said...

I recall a time you got nabbed for sending a gagging snack to preschool (grapes)...surprised they didn't nab you for that again! Another use for duct tape: Tell the !#$%!@ to use it over her angel's mouth on birthday party day!


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