26 February 2007


A week or so ago, OMSH posted a picture of a kitchen-tastrophe. Looking at the photo reminded me of a cupboard in the kitchen we had in our first house, which I happen to have a picture of (starring 15-month-old Ross):

We loved that cupboard (you could tell exactly what you had on hand and nothing was ever lost behind anything else...) but I'll leave it for you to determine if the doors really helped the kitchen-tastrophiness.

A year or so later, the pot shelves became much more interesting. Taking inventory with your little brother around can be maddening so why not tuck him safely into a pot? He'll even get in there on his own...all you need to do is get the lid on!

Best be quick about it, though...looks like he might suspect:


OMSH said...

So did Ross remove and put back things all the live long day? Such a little organizer at such a young age! But yes, SEE ... the other idea is so completey ridiculous.

And pots and pans? Are they not a favorite in every household? What with all the bangy-bangy-pots and the clapping-clangering lids? It is every mother's headache and every child's day dream.

These are great EVIDENCE of why kitchens are designed for the entire family!


Epiphany Alone said...

I never knew baby Lars, but just thinking about snuggling all that round baby cuteness brings a tear to my eye...

Grandmoo said...

Who needs lie detectors with the facial expressions on your boys?! (Can't wait to hug and sqeeze them in May, but they won't be cuddly bowling balls by then!)

Sister K said...

how cute are they?!


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