10 May 2009

Mother's Day Activity: A New Tactic

This Mother's Day, I decided to spend time with my kids doing whatever they wanted to do, which turned out to be playing Tony Hawk's World Skaters 3 on xBox. After watching the kids play for a while, I got to make my own character and try the game out. With a lot of help and instruction from the boys, I achieved a grand score of 3,475 on my first run through the Foundry (note: the lowest milepost score is 30,000) and I only fell into the vat of molten steel twice! I did achieve cries of delight from the boys for some skill I executed along the way but since I had NO CLUE how I did it and couldn't repeat it or teach it to them, I lost esteem. After that first exhilarating run, they decided to show me how it's done and I spent a few hours watching the great ones trash my poor score. We also had bacon with breakfast (we're using it liberally to prevent Swine Flu) and Chris made (and cleaned up from!) a delicious dinner. All in all, a great day.


Amelia said...

You know I spend too much time on FB when I was looking for the "Like" button to comment on this post.

Sister K said...

hahahahaha!!! sounds good to me!!! :)


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