22 October 2008

Week 6 Overslept

When last we met, the countertops had been templated, tile had been picked, and I was revved up for the finish of the kitchen renovation project! Then, we hit some snags.

After clearing the tile choice and installation plan with our contractor Friday and then spending Saturday ferrying the kids around to hockey and friends' houses, we went to buy the tile on Sunday. Problem - the tile we'd picked on Friday was no longer available as the company had gone out of business. I suppose it's good that we hadn't placed the order on Friday but it was annoying. We did find a very close substitute, though, and got it on order right away. It's doubtful that our PO will sustain a company but hopefully this one will stay solvent long enough to ship our tiles!

On Monday, we got shocking information about the cost of changing the color of our countertops. After a bit of hyperventilating, I did some research and sent counter information to our contractor, who did some research of his own and found that my hyperventilation was well-founded. It took a day and a half but we now have a reasonable change order. Also, it seems that despite the fabricator telling me it wasn't possible, a coved backsplash CAN be done in a kitchen and I will have one.

The electrician came over today and we sorted out the cabinet lighting so, despite the sleepy start to this week, a bit of forward progress has been made. Sadly, though, nothing to take pictures of.


http://www.moospasture.com said...

Funny how the worst nightmares require no film to remember! (What color counter did you switch to?)

karen said...

Abalone - it's a creamy neutral, with a lot of white in it for good reflection. With natural wood cabinets and a dark neutral floor with hints of just about every color in it, we could have picked a more specific color but decided the light neutral color makes sense. It looks good and means that the room can be easily changed with a simple paint job.

Sister K said...

sounds wonderful! if anyone says anything can't be done, just call up hgtv! they do everything! :) can't wait to see more pix! what is a coved backsplash and what was the reason he said it couldn't be done?

karen said...

A "coved" backsplash is one that curves smoothly from the backsplash (part against the wall) to the countertop, with no seam. The guy originally said he it can't be done over long runs but a) our kitchen isn't all that big b) they have coved runs at least as long as our counter on display in Expo.


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