12 October 2008

Color Choices

The yard sale was a blast! We made about $60 (woo!) and loved the chance to spend the day hanging around outside with friends. Votes on color were amazingly even, which was a little surprising - I really expected there to be a bigger divide.

Here are the choices, pictures taken in daylight without flash. At left, Pumpkin Cream is next to the window, Buttered Yam is below. In the interests of fair comparison, at right, Buttered Yam is next to the window with Pumpkin Cream below. Alec, if you're reading this, I put the paint on paper so I could move them around! If I'd painted them right on the wall, I'd have to wonder how the colors would look in the slightly different, position based light conditions.

So, internet, which do you like better? FYI, my choice is already made and Chris agrees...but I'm still curious about your answers!


Chaotic Joy said...

I can't tell. They look totally different when you changed their location. Can't wait to see it finished though.

Fraukow said...

I think I like the Buttered Yam (that's the darker one right?) So cool to see the finished dry wall. Does this projext seem to be moving fast, or is it just because I'm not living amoung the boxes and drywall dust!

LMP said...

The pumpkin color is what I originally planned to paint our now-purple bathroom. I sometimes regret not going with the first option so I'm voting for it here. A friend of mine has her office painted that color and I feel happier just walking in there.

Sister K said...

buttered yam...pumpkin spice latte anyone?


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