15 October 2008

Counter Templates and Box Fort City

They said the cabinets would be ready for counter templates to be done on Wednesday and, sure enough, the fabricator showed up early today. The contractors got the counter-relevant appliances into the kitchen, so the template could be fitted, so I got a peek at the new stove - six glorious burners and an oven large enough to easily fit a disobedient child!

Neither the wine fridge nor the cow made any difference to how the counters will be made, so I have to be happy with my imagination for now. Lars is happy to help me imagine every time he can sneak into the kitchen. I think he will be very disappointed when the actual appliances are filling their holes! I made baked ravioli in the toaster oven today, peeking in at my new stove now and then and wondering what we'll make for our First Meal In The New Kitchen.

Also, as I cooked, I watched the neighborhood kid-gang collect in our yard. Did you know that children are magnetically attracted to cardboard boxes? The more boxes you have, the more children will come. For those of you without a mountain of new kitchen boxes, I've recently discovered that Home Depot sells cardboard cartons for not much money. You, too, can get hours of barely supervised fun for a modest sum (and without weeks of contractors tromping around or making all your meals in a toaster oven).

It's fun to see how many different pretendings can happen at once. In this shot, the little girl is adding a turret to her castle, the little boy is defending base from aliens and Lars is sitting in the penalty box. He sat his first penalty ever last weekend and I gather he was not mentally prepared...so now he's practicing in case there's a next time!


bethany actually said...

Wow, it's really coming together!

I read your line about the oven being large enough to easily hold a disobedient child out loud to OMSH and we both laughed. :-)

Sister K said...

ha! reminds me of that book christina catarina and the box book..can't remember the title exactly but where she turns one box into tons of things! i LOVED that book! kitchen looks great too!

Fraukow said...

admitt it, you did all this just for the boxes!

LMP said...

@sister K - Not a Box. http://www.amazon.com/Not-Box-Antoinette-Portis/dp/0061123226/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1224682639&sr=1-1 GREAT book. There's also Not a Stick.

NICE oven. I admit. I'm envious!


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