11 July 2007

Ding Dong the Table's Gone

Our dining room table needed a little help. A bargain at only $25, it wobbled and creaked if you looked at it (let's not even talk about when you put something upon it). Left alone, supporting nothing, it would groan and snap, working a gap between the two halves all on its' own.

When company came, we'd throw a tablecloth
over and hope no one's utensil would sink into the crack. The kids had to take turns writing at their homework as the wobbling caused by two people writing at once seemed more than the poor table could bear and produced some seriously awful handwriting (trust me - this is a house where horrible handwriting is well-known).

A few weeks ago, I was indulging in a browse through my notebook of "someday" clippings and found the picture of my dream table. Sighing over someday, I wandered to the company website to look at even more pictures of my future table and gasped - IT WAS ON SALE. You might already know that I swoon over Pottery Barn furniture on sale - especially when it's a reduced price on a piece I want. It will therefore come as little surprise that I spent the money I'd saved for my upcoming hockey dues on our new table, which arrived today!

As soon as I'd placed the order, I donated the old table (and a bunch of other stuff we've been meaning to get rid of...like the crib) to my hockey team for a fundraising garage sale. If the sale went well, maybe I won't have so much saving to make up for my dues. Either way, we now have PLENTY of very sturdy, gorgeous table space. Come over for dinner!


The Plaid Sheep said...

Very nice. Do you keep gazing at your reflection in the shiny new surface?

Grandmoo said...

Absolutely beautiful! Congrats!!!

sister k said...

on my way as soon as i can! it turned out great :)

Joy, of course said...

Okay, I can no confess that when I saw the picture of the pool being inflated I thought "what is with the chairs in the dining room pushed against the wall like for a school dance. Where is the table" Well the new table is gorgeous. What's for dinner?

Spice Girl said...

Love it. I, too, swoon over Pottery Barn. Insanely jealous of your table. :)

Seeing its shiny new surface reminds me of when I was maybe 8, doing homework on my grandparents' dining table, and being amazed that when I pushed really hard on my pen, the writing showed through on the surface of the table. I'll keep that little tidbit to myself, though, and not tell Ross or Lars. Of course, they'll probably figure it out on their own and you too will have the imports of Venezuela permently engraven on your table.

karen said...

@tps: I have been enjoying the lovely reflections in the table, yes!

@sis k: Come this weekend. Chris' hot, single, gainfully employed cousin will be here.

@joy: The first dinner way grilled steak and a bulgar salad - very yummy. And the dance was great, while it lasted... :)

@spiceg: We had Word Wall Words engraven on the awful table! The boys have already been threatened to within an inch of their lives if they mar this table like that. I'm curious, though - what are the imports of Venezuela?

sister k said...

where does chris' hot, single, gainfully employed cousin live? and why haven't i known about him before? lol :)

karen said...

@sis k: Buffalo, as it happens. Maybe you've never really valued my opinion of men enough?


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