12 July 2007

Things That Make Me Feel Good

1. Skating hockey clinic after more than a month of considering getting up before 9:00am "exercise." (Ok, so "feeling good" would not accurately describe my feeling for the first twenty minutes of the clinic. Or the first thirty. But I lived to the end! And I voluntarily stayed on the ice half an hour after the posted end of session! That has to count for something...)

2. Wearing an awesome new dress (pink & green madras plaid sheath, bought on impressive sale at Brooks Brothers outlet).

3. Finding out that a late-evening call I thought was from an annoying engineer turned out to be a message from a friend I havn't spoken with in about eight years! We filled the better part of an hour tonight chatting and I'm hoping we really will manage to get together before our kids (kids! OMG, they let him have kids, too!) graduate high school.

4. Knowing I do not need an alarm clock in the morning. God is really in the details.

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