08 October 2007

A Real Conversation

"Hello, I just got your e-mail, thanks! I see it says X-Y-Z. Do you mean X?"

"Yes, X."

"Ok, that's good. And Y? You mean Y?"

"Yes, Y."

"That's great - I wasn't expecting that. Now, about Z. When are you going to address Z?"

"Z is addressed in my message and there's an attachment to back it up, too."

"You mean you already responded to Z?"

"....Yes. If you'll read my e-mail, you'll find details for Z right after X and Y. And there's an attachment, Z.pdf, which cites other instances of this same issue and details resolution options."

"Well, fine! Fine, then. Now, all I need you to do is send me something detailing our options so I can present them to the client. Can you do that for me today?"

"Sure - in fact, it's already done! Check the attachments to the message I sent. There should be three files, full information on X, Y, and Z."

"Well, that's great then! All I need is for you to send me something I can share with the client."

"You can share these with the client."

"The client needs them printed out. Would you send me six copies? I have a meeting with them tomorrow."

"You can print as many copies of those .pdf files as you need."

"You can't print them for me?"

The conversation ended at this point, because I crawled into the phone and strangled the guy with my compression sock.


Anonymous said...

funny, we must be working on the same jobs...

Chaotic Joy said...

Heh. You are still wearing a compression sock? Bummer.

Grandmoo said...

Ah, yes. I was just asked to Email a 480-page pdf to Amsterdam, The Netherlands so that a publisher could print out the document and mail it back to him in California because he said printing it for himself would be too expensive (apparently, his computer doesn't have a screen). That wasn't the funny part. The hoot was that the publisher did it! When you were growing up, I never said the world would make sense, did I?


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