15 October 2007


I am always amused when the kids come home with a classic like "Eeenie-Meenie-Miney-Moe." They are always so eager to share the new hip thing and so delighted when I catch on quickly.

"Scissors-Paper-Rock," which came home a while ago, has been making a comeback recently and the kids were playing yesterday in the car. The format is unchanged - fists are plunged three times in the center as the participants chant the title phrase, then hands are whipped into what one hopes will be the winning shape and compared around. A few rounds into the game, we heard both kids chant, "Scissors, Paper, Rock," followed by a triumphant roar of, "LIGHTNING GOD," which beat all.

The times? They have a-changed.


Grandmoo said...

I protest! Some things should NOT be changed! (What does a Lightning God look like anyway?)

Chaotic Joy said...

Lightning God??? Am I supposed to know the reference or are you reverting to Thor Worship at your home?

Grandmoo said...

Have the boys memorize this. You'll win WME for sure:

To Zeus as the Author of Lightning.
The Fumigation from Frankincense and Manna.

I call the mighty, holy, splendid light,
Aerial, dreadful-sounding, fiery-bright ;
Flaming, aerial-light, with angry voice,
Lightning thro’ lucid clouds with horrid noise.
Untam’d, to whom resentments dire belong,
Pure, holy pow’r, all-parent, great and strong :
Come, and benevolent these rites attend,
And grant my days a peaceful, blessed end.

karen said...

We have NO idea where Lighting God came from or how it looks and, when we asked (imagine a VERY tactful, "WHAT?!!?"), the loser grumpily sulked, "Lightning God ALWAYS beats all the other things." Whatever this Lighting God is, it's powerful to be able to win without argument.

The Plaid Sheep said...

I think you need to go to Threadless and buy this t-shirt:


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