31 October 2007

Boo! (updated)

Lars as Pokémon Gengar

Ross as Luke Skywalker

Ross as Luke Skywalker with Aniken Enhancement (scar on face).

Gengar did not want purple face makeup, would not stand still for a pre-trick-or-treating picture, and collected 103 pieces of candy (he had to count them and make tally marks as his homework tonight). For those keeping track of the proceedings on Worst.Mama.Ever., Lars completed 68 "I must not carve on furniture" lines in order to be able to go out tonight. When asked if he'd be carving things on furniture again, he snapped, "Mama! No. Really, NO."

Happy Halloween from our house to yours! Chris carved our pumpkins this year Pokémon Gengar (Lars); my hockey team; and Luke Skywalker for Ross. The back of my Wings pumpkin is carved "Bears" for the kids' team. Here's hoping my pumpkin will break the hex and I'll be back on the ice by the end of November!


sister k said...

CUTE! Happy Halloween everybody! Don't forget...Aunt Kat wants to see pix! Love you :)

Grandmoo said...

Very cool! I hope to see pics of the boys in costume soon, too!

sister k said...

Love, Love, LOVE the pix!!!! how awesome the boys look! just curious....how'd u decide on 68? i wore my ghost scrub top to work today. i liked it and some of the pts. liked it :)

Grandmoo said...

As always, they're the cutest guys in the parade! (I'm biased. So sue me.)


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