22 April 2009

Post-season Haircut

With hockey season behind him, Ross declared he no longer needed helmet hair and asked if I'd cut it off. Behold, before:

It is cool to stick your tongue out in photos these days.

And after:

Unfortunately, the '80s skater haircut only lasted one day. Ross asked me to cut it all off when he got home from school - he was a little annoyed that nobody had noticed his haircut and a little annoyed by the bangs in his face. Too bad - I thought it was really cute!


SmockLady said...

:) so what exactly is helmet hair? I thought helmet hair was when the helmet/hat formed the hair to the shape of the helmet/hat.

karen said...

@SmockLady: "helmet hair" is hair long enough to peek out from under the back of your helmet, but not so long that you are confused with the girls (who wear ponytails). Sweaty helmet-plastered hair is a mark of distinction in the locker room, so the kids let their hair grow during the season since buzz cuts are wildly unsatisfying in the helmet-plastered department.

bethany actually said...

He's cute both ways. ;-)

Sister K said...

atta my boy...can touch his tongue to his nose! lol...strong genes...like the haircut! is it buzzed now?

*pab said...

he is just too cute!

Amelia said...

Well he can touch his nose with his tongue. That is a real talent, no wonder he wants to show it off. I LOVE the 80s skater cut. What a bummer it was not properly appreciate at school.


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