05 November 2008

Kitchen Update - Week 8

Late this afternoon, we heard heavy footsteps on the back deck heralding the arrival of boxes of floor tile which will be installed tomorrow! They'll grout on Friday and it will cure over the weekend. Counters are expected Monday and everything can finish in a hurry, once the counters are installed.

We are, finally, at the edge of our tolerance for microwave and toaster oven meals. I've worked an additional take-out meal into our weeks, hoping to reach the new kitchen without snapping completely, and am trying not to count the hours until we'll have a real kitchen again.

Floor tomorrow!


Fraukow said...

Yeah!!The light at the end of the tunnel (minus the getting run over by a train part!)

LMP said...

I know...I know that Just About to Snap feeling from such recent memories of it. But I tell you this - it's been a few months now and still when I walk into my kitchen I think "oh MY, what a beautiful kitchen!" Be strong, friend!

Sister K said...

it seems soooo much faster at this end!!! :)

Grandmoo said...

Yippee!!!!!! (pray the right tile is in the boxes!) Kat's right though...it's like pregnancy...much faster at this end watching!


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