04 August 2008

Vertical Naps

Bethany sent some lovely compliments about my blog recently, mentioning that one of the things she likes is the occasional cute kitten picture. Since I'm still working on the Germany pictures, here are a couple of cute kitten shot to tide you over - Kippah folds herself vertically to nap:

I am working as fast as I can on the Germany pictures both because I want to share them AND because I will be able to blog about our kitchen renovation very soon...we go to contract tomorrow!

Finally, today is the one-year anniversary of breaking my leg. I'm happy to report all my bones are back together and no, I'm not planning to break anything in memory of last year's experience.


Sister K said...

awwww cute kitten alert....in honor of vertical kitten, sometimes zoe will turn her tent cubes vertical like a tower instead of have them be on the floor. it's funny. awesome about the kitchen! and awesome about healing. i hurt my back by getting up off the couch (trigger) the other day. let's hope my healing follows suit of your leg!

bethany actually said...

Ha! I've never seen a cat sleep like that before.

Yay for completely healed legs!

Scribbit said...

Wow, that must have been some break--so glad it's healed finally!


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