05 May 2008


Kippah had hiccups this morning, marking the first time I've ever known a cat to have hiccups.

Three and a half years after putting my printer into service, I finally figured out how to have the pages print 1-10, instead of 10-1. I only had to re-order four printouts twice before I started remembering I no longer need to reverse the pages before stapling.

When Rob was over on Saturday, our lawn was getting close to knee-high. It's high enough that we could lose Ross in the yard today. I'm going to don a long calico dress and play Little House on the Prairie later.

I leave for the airport tomorrow at 6am. I should probably think about packing, or maybe doing some laundry so I will have something to pack. Kath, if you read this, I am not packing a party dress...so no formals, ok?

1 comment:

Sister K said...

great!!! i can't wait to see you!!!! sorry, no formals this weekend :)


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