31 May 2008

Gardens, Family, Friends (and maybe a new kitchen)

In the garden of each house we've shared, Chris and I have had peonys from his great-grandfather's garden. I think most of his relations have got a peony plant or three from Seedy's garden - it's fun to see familiar plants when we travel to visit family. Our plant struggled along the first three years in this house. It got a few buds last year but despite all the ants in our kitchen, the peony never had any ants, so didn't bloom. This year, no ants in our kitchen but plenty on the buds and look - peony blooms!

We shared dinner last night with Bibliofilly and her new friend. Between sickness and busy schedules, we haven't been together since the new year turned and it felt really good to see her again.
It was also a pleasure to meet her new friend and we hope to see them both again soon.

Today, we had dinner with another set of friends we haven't seen in a while. The kids spent the afternoon playing together (their little boy is two) and the weather cooperated so we were able to enjoy drinks on the porch and then grill dinner.

Tomorrow will find us busy with 3-on-3 hockey games and getting ready for Grandmoo and Aunt Kat to visit next weekend! We've got tickets for Jersey Boys and will attend the Ordination of a friend I grew up with.

In refi news, we're rate-locked! Appraisal should be this week and the bank thinks we'll be signed and funded by the end of June.


Grandmoo said...

I really miss peonies, and this one is superb! Can't wait to see you! (I've safely arrived in Delaware, and will take a FERRY to NJ...and I can see the ferry right from the end of the street where m friends live... right by the Delaware Bay)

Robert K said...

Ah, thanks very much for the splendid hospitality; it was a great time meeting you and Chris and the charming youngsters as well. I had a fantastic evening, and hopefully we'll get to do something like that again.

For the record, I was a Rangers fan of sorts pre-strike, and also followed the Whale a bit when I was in grad school and they were being dragged out of Hartford. So I don't follow hockey the way I once did, but I'll at least sit still and watch every so often. :)


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