13 March 2006

No fool

My five year old is no fool. Along with the standard stack of magazines and innocuous offers, today's mail brought a 6" x 9" envelope, turquoise & white, with an abstract mouse-head design and a small picture of a Cinderella castle shown in one ear. Lars picked it up and immediately instructed, "Mama. Open this one because it will say we can go to here (points at castle) and it's Disney!" Mind you he has never been to Disney, nor does he have any idea we've plans to go next month (hence the big envelope with mouse ears...), but he is not immune to advertising and, if he is at all religious, his devotion is entirely for matching things and today's envelope certainly did not match any 'junk mail' he has previously classified. I distracted him pretty easily by handing him the inert contents of the latest Disney credit card offer which, handily, also arrived today. Still, I think that when we get to Orlando his standard 'make myself comfortable here' declaration of "Oh, I knew we were going to go here!" will be at least partly true.

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