03 March 2006

Exploding Heads

My sister-in-law, Fraukow, has a new job! She's the secretary at her church, a job that fits her time and people skills very well. The problem, at least as far as her brother (my husband) is concerned, is that her head may very well be in imminent danger of exploding, as she's not actually baptized. I think she'll be ok - they've been going to that church for years now and I suspect if there were going to be any exploding heads, they'd have already detonated. Of course, nothing is for sure so, if you're a big fan of gory thrillers, you might want to consider switching to her church...just in case.

1 comment:

Fraukow said...

Sorry to disappoint anyone looking for gore, but I was baptized at age 29 so I could become a member of the church I am now working for. (I got door keys today.) If my heads explodes however, it will probably be tomorrow when I have so much on my plate I must look greedy. I have wondered alot this week just what I was think when I choose to start a new job, get a dog from a shelter and continue with the busy schedule I'm already on!But it could just be the PMS talking.And I believe you promised a picture of the reaction to the news of my new job!


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